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    Electronic Partners is the official DJI Service Centre UK and offer technical support. All trained professional technicians in our workshop are able to service, repair and calibrate all DJI products which include all DJI drone repairs services and out of warranty repairs.

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    • Front vision system failure after moderate crash?

      I crashed my DJI Drone for the first time today (tried to pass through a window to enter my apartment and hit the frame…). The front of the Drone is separated and is giving a Front vision failure.

      Electronic Partners DJI Service Center UK can, of course, replace your forward object sensors.

      Left rear arm support replacement part?

      I had a small crash that bent up a small plastic support piece for the left rear arm. The drone still flies, but that rotor isn’t flying parallel to the ground anymore.

      Electronic Partners DJI Service Repair Centre can, of course, replace any of the arms at an affordable price.

      DJI Mavic Pro camera repair.

      I broke my gimbal off my Mavic Pro, tore both my ribbon cable and the video link cable. We offer a complete DJI Mavic pro repair service where the camera cables can be replaced by your local authorised repair Center UK.

      One engine not spinning?

      My drone crashed into the beach.. had a mind of its own I had no control. Now one of the front engines doesn’t spin freely and shut down after I attempt to fly it. What do I do?

      The motor needs to be replaced. A damaged bearing or bent motor shaft is repairable, only to experienced repair techs, and is near impossible for your average repair novice to achieve. Simply book a repair and Electronic Partners DJI Service Center UK will replace the faulty motor.

    • Assessments usually take between 3 to 5 working days.
    • No quotation fee will be charged for any completed repair.
    • Our DJI Repair service usually take between 3 to 5 working days, depending on spare part availability.
    • We offer an Express Service to those that require a faster turn around time for their repairs.
    • Repairs are guaranteed for 3 Months for parts and labour.
    • No service fee for any non-repairable drones.

    Our DJI Service and Mantenance UK Include

    Repair costs for the most common Drones start from £45. Search and find below your closest service centre drop-off shop to get your free shipping label today.

      • DJI Phantom 3
      • DJI Phantom 4
      • DJI Phantom 4 Advanced
      • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
      • DJI Spark Service
      • DJI Mavic Pro
      • DJI Mavic Air
      • DJI Inspire 2
      • DJI Crash Repair
      • DJI Camera Calibration
      • DJI Drone Maintenance
      • DJI Liquid Damage Fix

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