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    • My beats headphone jack is broken?

      We use for our Beats jack repair only the finest high-end solder. The beats jacks all vary in size, weight and colour.

      Some of the jacks are Nickel, and some jacks come Gold plated. Most professionals say there is as little as 0.1% difference in gold’s favour, whereas some say the gold sound warmer as the silver. We mostly fit 3 (TRS) and 4 (TRRS) pole gold plated jacks.

      The 3 pole are for all beats without a remote/mic attached, and the 4 pole are used with all beats headphones and earphones with a remote.

      All beats replacement jacks come with strain relief protection.

      We regret to inform you that we do not provide warranty on the jack replacement service to customers who choose to use their own jacks for us to fit for them but we do repair them furthermore we can not ensure full functionality of remote controls after the jack has been replaced.

      Broken headbands are common Beats repairs.

      Our Beats Headband Repair Service is designed for all beats headphones. We have seen headphones come through the door which looks like they have been eaten by a dog, all sorts believe it, you name it, we have seen it. We stick by using only quality parts for this service. However, we can not guarantee a perfect color match on any headband replacement.

      Also under this section, we are going to mention our Headband Wire Replacement and Repair Service. We repair wiring damage, replace cables completely.

      Advice on Beats Headphone Repairs UK

      Headphones are generally fragile devices. While you may want to make a DIY project out of fixing your beats headphone, it is a better idea to let professional beats by dre headphone repair service handle your headphone. We are equipped with the right tools and a vast experience which is needed in order to repair any headphone. Avoiding further damage should always be the first priority when anyone dealing with headphone repairs.

      We are highly skilled at diagnosing and repairing every brand of headphone.

      What does the repair of my beats cost?
      Can you fix my beats locally?

    Did your brother leaves your headphones on a chair and squash? Or the jack bends and breaks on the airplane. Let us get your Beats by Dre up and running again. We offer a professional Beats by Dre headphone repair no matter where you live. A free shipping label and quick turnaround will round up our Beats by Dre headphone repair service. Most Beats by Dre headphones can be fixed and you are only a few steps away from getting your Beats by Dre headphones repaired.

    Beats Headphone Models We Repair

    • Over-Ear Headphone Repair

      • Studio and Studio V2
      • Wireless
      • Pro
      • Detox
      • Solo & Solo HD and Solo V2
      • Mixr
      • Executive
    • In-Ear Headphone Repair

      • Tour
      • ibeats
      • HeartBeats
      • DiddyBeats
      • PowerBeats
      • Urbeats
      • Powerbeats

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