Google Messenger v1.5 Adds Support For Marshmallow’s Direct Share Feature For Quick Access To Recently Used Contacts

Just since there’s a large proclamation tomorrow, it doesn’t meant a app updates have to take a break. Version 1.5 of Google’s Messenger app popped adult today, bringing with it a cold yield for users on a Android M Developer Preview 3. This refurbish brings an doing of a new Direct Share API in Android 6.0, permitting Messenger to supplement mixed contacts right to a share menu and saving us all a few taps when we wish to send a couple to a favorite friends.

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Left: share menu before though targets. Center: new review pop-up. Right: Share menu with organisation and singular targets.

The Direct Share API gives developers an easy approach to supplement mixed boldly selected tradition targets to a share menu. It’s fundamentally a approach for apps to yield shortcuts to your favorite or many used contacts. Now, when we share some calm or print to Messenger, a contacts we select will be combined to a dedicated mark on a share menu. From that indicate on, during slightest until something falls off of a list, you’ll be means to fast collect a same targets over and over again though acid for them in a list.

Messenger allows we to have both singular targets and organisation targets (shown in a third screenshot above). Each time we share to a new chairman or group, they’re automatically combined to a list. It seems like calm form doesn’t matter, so if you’re pity from a print focus like Snapseed (because Photos doesn’t use a customary share menu), a same list of targets will cocktail up.

Messenger appears to be a initial Google app to exercise Direct Share, though a Android Developers Blog has posted a representation app that demonstrates how a same functionality can be combined to other apps. We’ll certainly see this implemented in Google+, Gmail, Hangouts, and an collection of other apps in a entrance months.


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