Google’s Dec 2017 confidence circular is up, complement updates go live tomorrow (December 5th)

It’s roughly time for another turn of updates to Google’s Android devices. The now upheld Pixels and Nexus phones should start saying new builds tomorrow, yet Google already has a latest confidence circular adult to fact what’s bound in a new version. There don’t seem to be any organic updates this month, though.

If you’re meddlesome in a full list of rags enclosed in a Dec updates, we can see a Android confidence bulletin. This is opposite than a Pixel/Nexus bulletin, that covers issues specific to Google’s devices. Last month was a initial time we got this Google-specific bulletin, and it enclosed records on organic updates. This time, there’s no territory for organic updates. Either Google doesn’t devise to do that each month or there are no organic updates this time around.

According to Google’s circular page, a firmware images won’t be accessible until tomorrow (December 5th). OTA updates customarily hurl out after a images are posted, so tomorrow will substantially be a initial possibility to get a demeanour during a new builds. There will be dual patch levels this month: 12-1 and 12-5. The Nexus/Pixel builds should all be 12-5. We’ll refurbish as shortly as a complement images are available.

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