[Hands-on] Morphite, an windy explorative sci-fi shooter that is a heck of a lot of fun

Crescent Moon Games’ exploration-based sci-fi first-person shooter Morphite is finally accessible on a Play Store. And certain it might not have strictly expelled yet, though a final beta is copiousness good adequate for me to give this a discerning exam run to let everybody know how it is moulding up.

The developers have been inexhaustible adequate to yield us all with an open final beta of Morphite on a Play Store. They have also motionless to give us a initial dual missions for giveaway so that we can exam out a diversion before determining to squeeze it. This means there is no assign to download a title. Of course, once we make your approach by a initial dual missions we will have a choice to clear a rest of a diversion by a singular in-app squeeze that costs $4.99. There are also a few other IAPs enclosed in this release, such as an disdainful car for $4.99, and a integrate of peculiarity of life improvements (hover boots, discerning refuel, discerning scan) that cost $2.99 apiece. But besides those few IAPs, this is fundamentally a reward diversion that we usually have to compensate for once.

If we are unknown with Morphite, a closest thing we can consider to review it to is a console and PC recover of No Man’s Sky. Just like in No Man’s Sky we are tasked with drifting from world to world in sequence to collect resources, though in this instance, we will also be asked to finish a many missions given to we by your coach as good as other NPCs. Of course, those resources we mentioned are going to be used generally to fuel your gun and your ship, though they can also be used as banking on a many space stations we come opposite in your travels so that we can simply squeeze upgrades for your equipment. This means collecting as many resources as probable is pivotal to your survival. You will positively need to conduct your resources really delicately to safeguard that we don’t run out of fuel, bullets, and currency. So it’s kind of like a presence diversion in this regard.

As we make your approach by a star completing missions and collecting resources, there exists a appearing risk of presumably using into antagonistic ships. Once we come opposite this scenario, it will outcome in a real-time space conflict that will have we fighting tooth and spike to destroy your enemy. In my opinion, these quarrel sequences turn out a scrutiny and presence aspects of a diversion utterly nicely.

So while a ubiquitous gameplay has been finished before, a fact that such an expanded pretension is even playable on Android is utterly astounding. Anyone looking for a uninformed explorative knowledge that is allied to any console or PC release, Morphite is substantially as tighten as we are going to get. Honestly, Crescent Moon Games did a heck of a pursuit here.

Oh, another prominence of this release, clearly, is a low-poly graphics. They enclose only adequate fact to give a diversion a really stylized demeanour while not adding too many beyond with a crazy volume of high-res textures. The pattern choice substantially has a lot to do with performance, though hey, a diversion looks good regardless.

Now, as distant as controls are concerned, they work good enough. If we have ever played a first-person shooter on a touchscreen device, we should have a good feel for how this diversion will control. Your left ride controls your transformation by a program thumbstick, and your right will control where we can look. There are also a few buttons on a shade that concede we to burst and shoot. Movement can feel a small indolent during times, and when it comes down to fighting off a slew of enemies during once, things start to feel bogged down, generally when we chuck in a fact that we have to lift off some accurate shots while avoiding those enemies.

Despite Morphite being listed on a Play Store as concordant with a Nvidia Shield TV, it in fact did not work for me as my 2015 controller was not famous once we booted a diversion up. we also tested my Logitech F310 connected over USB OTG to my GS8+, and a controller did not work in this instance either. The uncanny thing is Crescent Moon Games state that HID controllers are upheld and even couple to a list of what HID controllers will privately work with a game. While my 2015 Shield controller is rightly listed as not working, my Logitech F310 is shown as supported. Hopefully, a developers get that sorted before it strictly releases.

It is also value observant that this open final beta does not enclose Google Play Games Services. That means there are no leaderboards, no feat system, and many concerning, no cloud saving. we honestly wish that a diversion will not recover with a miss of these GPG features, though as is, it is unsatisfactory not to have an choice to save your diversion in a cloud so we can simply collect adult where we final left off on a opposite device.


All in all a open final beta of Morphite shows that Crescent Moon Games have delivered a illusory exploration-based sci-fi shooter. My time with a diversion was a finish joy, even when we cause in a indolent touchscreen controls and miss of cloud saving. If we occur to be looking for a peculiarity space scrutiny shooter with some good graphics, an intriguing universe, real-time space battles, and an honest pricing model, Morphite is many really it. So if a diversion happens to be accessible on a Play Store in your region, we petition we to implement this open final beta today.

Morphite (Final Beta)

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