Two versions of ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ are strictly entrance to Android in China [Videos]

I have been biding my time with a new rumors of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds entrance to Android to safeguard that it will indeed exist as an central release. After spending some time digging by a few Chinese sites, it does demeanour as yet a rumors are legit. As of yesterday Tencent and TIMI Studio Group expelled an central webpage finish with a trailer for their arriving game. If that wasn’t adequate good news, there is a second web page from Tencent that popped adult for a opposite PUBG mobile diversion grown by Lightspeed Quantum Studio. While it is still opposite if these games will ever come to a West, it is flattering engaging to see that there will be dual official PUBG adaptations entrance to a Android in a nearby future.

Trailer pleasantness of EAA!! – FPS News

So distant sum are flattering light for both of these releases. What is now famous about a TIMI Studio Group version is that we can pre-register from within a official site, yet we will have to use a WeChat or QQ account to indeed sign-up. It also appears that this chronicle is not a proceed pier as it will enclose naval battles, that are not in a strange PC title.

Oh, and if a proclamation about a initial recover wasn’t adequate of a surprise, there is apparently a second PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile diversion entrance to Android in China that looks a small closer to a strange PC game. This is a one being grown by Lightspeed Quantum Studio. It too is accessible for pre-registration, yet it also requires a WeChat or QQ comment to sign-up. There is also a trailer accessible for this version, that we perspective below.

Trailer pleasantness of Tiểu Nhất

So yeah, there we have it. Tencent is not only bringing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to mobile, they are doing so with dual apart releases. While we all might be seeking ourselves because anyone would even need dual opposite PUBG games on Android, we am certain that Tencent has worked out a ideally good reason for their two-tiered approach. Maybe if these ever come over to a West, we will find out accurately because dual PUBG games are improved than only one.

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