[Update: Instructions] BLU issues program repair for inadequate Life One X2 refurbish that left owners with obsolete phones

Around a week ago, BLU released a broken program update for a Life One X2 phone. In during slightest some cases, users who practical a refurbish were sealed out of their phones. Late this afternoon, BLU’s central Twitter account—which, most to a discomfit of influenced users, was wordless on a theme for roughly a week—issued a matter that a problem had been bound around a new update. 

For a full chronological details, we can check out a prior coverage on a theme here, though a brief chronicle is that an refurbish caused during slightest some BLU Life One X2 inclination to have an different pin/password applied, preventing users from booting and, therefore, regulating their phones. Allegedly a bureau reset could repair a issue, though would outcome in detriment of data.

AP’s possess James Sanders, author of a strange essay covering this subject, reached out to BLU and only recently perceived a following matter from a representative:

Hi James, we only wanted to refurbish we on a Life One X2, we have bound a issue, business are already updating and happy to have their inclination restored.

Details are unfortunately sparse, and nonetheless we’ve reached out to both a BLU deputy and a support line supposing by BLU for additional information and instructions, they haven’t nonetheless responded to a inquiries.

The files for a purported ‘fix’ have popped adult on Twitter, but since BLU has kept a compared sum secret, we aren’t certain how they’re dictated to be used. They could be practical around fastboot or flashed around recovery, though but a enclosed instructions, we can’t be sure. Since influenced inclination can’t foot past a PIN/password shade during boot, a preference of an OTA is approaching out of a question.

If we were among those who practical a prior inadequate refurbish and gifted a issues (and we haven’t nonetheless achieved a bureau reset or exceeded a authorised series of cue attempts), we are speedy to strech out to [email protected] for support. We’ll refurbish this post when we know a accurate sum concerned in a fix.

Either way, it’s not good that it took roughly week for BLU to finally make a matter about a subject. If we were a Life One X2 owner, I’d be livid.

We’ve perceived a instructions for requesting a required repair from BLU. For your convenience, we’ve enclosed them only below. The update, as expected, needs to be practical manually around liberation and requires that we possess a microSD label and have entrance to a mechanism to duplicate a claim files.

1. Download refurbish from (Click Here)

2. Copy and pulp Updatev28_v29.zip to your SD label with your computer. In sequence to do so, we can download a record to a specific plcae or your desktop, once this is finished we can duplicate and pulp a record on to your SD card, that should be found in a “Devices and drives” page of your computer, if regulating a PC.

3. Remove SD label from your computer

4. Turn off your Life One X2 and mislay a behind cover

5. Insert SD label with a zip record into your Life One X2 and place a behind cover behind on.

6. Press and reason Volume adult + Power button

7. Release Power symbol when we see “boot into liberation mode”

8. With Volume down symbol prominence “Apply refurbish from SD Card” and press a Power symbol to name it

9. With Volume down symbol prominence a Updatev28_v29.zip record and press a Power symbol to name it

10. After refurbish finishes successfully, prominence Reboot complement now regulating a Volume down symbol and name it regulating a Power button

11. When device reboots, enter strange pin or password.

If we for any reason can't follow a stairs above in sequence to solve a emanate or need evident entrance to your device, we can name to follow a stairs below. Please keep in mind, both of a options next will clean out all a information primarily stored on your device.

  • Exceed a volume of pin attempts on a device, In box this does not work ensue with a second step.
  • Perform a Hard Master Reset:

Please follow these stairs to perform a tough reset for your Life One X2 (please note that this will erase all a data, cinema and videos save in a inner memory).

  • Power off a device.
  • With a device powered off, press and reason down a Power Button Volume Up Button
  • Release both buttons during a BLU trademark screen.
  • At a “Boot into recovery” , wait until we get a Android liberation menu.
  • Use a Volume down symbol to prominence “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and name it with a Power Button
  • Scroll down regulating a Volume Down Button and name “Yes” by dire a Power button
  • Highlight “Reboot System Now” regulating a Volume Down Button and name it by dire down a Power Button

Should we have any additional questions greatfully hit us during 1-877-602-8762 (Monday-Friday 9:30am-10:30pm EST).

Article source: http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/12/05/blu-issues-software-fix-faulty-life-one-x2-update-left-owners-unusable-phones/

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