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    Here at Electronic Partners, we are dedicated to better service. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service for your Bose headphones. If you experience a problem with your Bose headphone at any time, we are ready to help.

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    • What if the warranty on my Bose headphones has expired?

      Bose offers only a very limited warranty on all of its products. The Limited Warranty lasts only for a few years and does not cover any accidental damage to your headband, hinges, cable or jack.

      However, you don’t need to worry as we have you covered. We repairing bose headphones, offer replacement cushions, fix the cable on your acoustic noise cancelling headphones or hinges repair.

      We only use original quality parts for this service if possible with up to 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

      Our Bose Headband Repair Service is meant to be for all Bose headphones currently available. We handled headphones eaten by a dog, all sorts, believe it or not, we have seen it all. Also, in this section, we would like to mention our headband wire replacement and repair service. We repair any damaged wiring, replace entire cables and fix Bose accessories.

      Will Bose bose repair headphones?

      Yes and no.

      A customer reported that his 1.5 year old headphones Quietcomfort 25 right ear cup has no longer sound. Go to your nearest Bose store…sorry sir we don’t do repairs but you can get a replacement for only 225 (paid 300 originally). That just doesn’t feel like a fair replacement program, more like a joke,

      We agree since they offer always replacement headphones for a discounted price instead to repair bose earphones. Which is ridiculous we know because we can extend the life of your bose products at a fraction of the cost and fix bose headphones.

      Know that if you need your bose noise cancelling headphones repaired we have the expertise and quick turnaround for all bose models.

      Where is a bose headphone repair center near me?

      We do not only offer a bose headphone repair London wide. With over 20000 collection points we offer a comprehensive bose headphone repair service UK wide and not only in London. You are at the right place if you searched for a bose headphone repair near me.

      Simply request a repair and we will provide a free pre-paid shipping label for a tracked return to our local bose service centre. Below you can search and find a local drop off shop or request a free estimate.

      We provide affordable services such as bose headphone jack repairs and even repair bose speakers.

      How much does a bose headphone repair cost?

      Our service fees depend on your model and the actual damage:

      Out-of-warranty service

      If your product was damaged we are able to repair it for an out-of-warranty fee. All breakages are eligible for our out-of-warranty service; for example, if your device developed a fault or broke into multiple pieces.

      If you don’t see your product listed, contact us for additional help.


      Product Fee from
      OE2 £22.00
      OE2i £22.00
      Soundlink AE2 £28.00
      A10 Aviation Headset £65.00
      A20 Aviation Headset £65.00
      Triport £28.00
      QuietComfort 2 £28.00
      QuietComfort 3 £28.00
      QuietComfort 15 £35.00
      QuietComfort 25 £35.00
      QuietComfort 35 £35.00


      Product Fee from
      SoundSport in-ear £22.00
      SleepBuds £45.00
      SoundSport Wireless £45.00
      SoundSport Free £45.00
      SoundSport Pulse £45.00
      QuietComfort 20 £45.00
      QuietControl 30 £45.00

      Battery service:

      If your product’s battery does not hold a charge, we’ll replace it for you for a service fee as follows:

      Product Fee from
      All on-ear £35.00
      All in-ear £45.00

      All fees are in pounds (GPB).

    You get the best professional Bose headphone repair no matter where you located. We provide a free shipping label for your online technology to send and our quick turnaround will round up our headphone repair service. Most Bose devices can be fixed and you are only a few steps away from getting your Bose headphones repaired.

    Bose Headphone Models We Fix

    • Over-Ear Headphone

      • OE2
      • Soundlink AE2
      • A10/A20 Aviation Headset
      • Triport
      • QuietComfort 15
      • QuietComfort 25
      • QuietComfort 35
    • In-Ear Headphone

      • SoundSport in-ear
      • SleepBuds
      • SoundSport Wireless
      • SoundSport Free
      • SoundSport Pulse
      • QuietComfort 20
      • QuietControl 30

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    Customer Reviews

    • Avatar Jimmy C ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      Good quick service. Price quoted was the price paid (excluding the return postage) which does add a little to the final bill. Much better to have my item repaired … read more for a fraction of the cost to buy it new.
    • Avatar Martin Coombes ★★★★ 2 months ago
      Work was carried out swiftly, and communication was excellent through the app so you knew what stage the repair was at. They held my item for a couple of weeks … read more while I was on holiday so that I could receive delivery.
      My only gripe is if you don't have a printer at home then printing the tracking label at the post office (I tried 2) is not possible, I had to go to a library - but this obviously isn't the fault of EP, but it does claim that you can print at the post office on their website.
    • Avatar Future Sun - video marketing ★★★★★ a month ago
      Very happy. Did what it said on the tin. Got a new speaker in my Bose headphones and it cost what they quoted. Quick turn around too.