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  • Now you can buy ‘Works with Chromebook’ accessories

    Google has launched a ‘Works with Chromebook’ initiative so third-party manufacturers can build accessories for the popular laptops. This means you’ll finally be able to get chargers, mice and other peripherals designed specifically for Chromebooks. We explain what it all means and cover some of the products already available. What is Works with Chromebook? Much […]

  • Should I buy a stand mixer or a hand mixer?

    If you’ve discovered you enjoy baking, a mixer is a must-have purchase. But which should you get? Hand mixer What to look out for A hand mixer can be yours for a tenner, while stand mixers start at about £100. So, that’s one point in favour of a hand mixer. But it’s not as simple […]

  • Should you buy an air fryer?

    What do air fryers do? As the name suggests, air fryers cook using convection heating: they circulate hot air around food. This gives a crispy, crunchy coating without the need to deep fry. Air fried food shows evidence of the Maillard reaction, which is a chemical effect produced between amino acids and reducing sugars that browns […]

  • The Crazy Things Corona Made You Buy

    As the world faces an uncertain financial future, and many of us worry about how we are going to pay our mortgages and feed our families, for others money would appear to be no object. Forget the fact that many online outlets are no longer operating, and that delivery times are significantly longer. Don’t dwell on the several-hour-long queues […]