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    Has your drone faulty motors or need parts replaced? Don't worry! offers the solution for all drone repair services. Our repair centre process most repair requests within three to five working days. We also stock a vast amount of spare parts for all major brands such as DJI, Yuneec, Zerotech, GoPro and Parrot. Book your repair now and get a prepaid shipping label for one of our collection points or request a free estimate.

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    • How to repair a broken drone?

      Drones have become very sophisticated, not easy to disassemble and further damaged caused by incorrect disassembly will also increase the costs of a repair. Also, keep in mind that a Drone is a flying object and can cause serious harm if crashed during a flight. Therefore, we would always recommend you to send the drone in for professional diagnosis and wide.

      Where can I get a repaired?

      Electronic Partners offer drone repairs for all major drone brands such as DJI, , Zerotech, GoPro and Parrot. We can, however, repair any drone as long spare parts are available for your drone. Simply request a free estimate or send us your drone for diagnostic here at .

      Can a drone battery be repaired?

      Discharging a LiPo battery past 3.5 volts per cell will result in permanent damage. If this level is exceeded, there is an error with the battery which should be checked by an authorised repair centre. We offer any wide but generally, LiPo batteries cannot be repaired and should under no circumstance be disassembled.

      What is the best drone to start flying?

      Drones have become affordable and easy to use. So it's the perfect time to buy your drone! You might be wondering what to look for when choosing a new drone.

      Here are the six drone features you need to know when shopping:
      Flight Time - Generally, longer is better. Get extra batteries to extend your flight.
      Speed - The maximum speed a drone can fly. Slow drones are more easy to handle.
      Range - The range is an important factor as it shows you how far your drone can fly without losing contact.
      Camera - Many drones include an onboard camera. Make sure you pick the right resolution for your needs.
      Controller Type - Controllers can come in the form of a hardware controller or an RC app which need a mobile device.
      Return to Home - An handy function as it tells the drone to come back to you using GPS. It is a very useful and convenient feature to have.

      Can you give me tips before I starting to fly?

      First of all start slow and low. Practice with your drone for a while in a remote area to get a feeling for it and how it handles. Watch out as it is easy to overlook trees, power lines and other obstacles which may in your way. Practice a lot, the first minutes with a drone can seem hard but no worries, it gets easier over time. And at last, check out the manual to find out advanced functions on your drone.

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    Moisture introduced into the charging port of my wife's Samsung tablet by plugging in a cable that had inadvertently dunked in a cup of tea (!!) appeared to...
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    Have to say when my Bose headphones stopped working on one side I looked at buying a new set but couldn't afford nearly £300 Electronic Partners on the...
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    Have to say when my Beats headphones stopped working on one side I tried to get this resolved via Beats, no help at all they just try to sell you another...
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    The service is first rate. It starts from providing an estimate for the repair through to providing labels to advising when the item has been received. I was...
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    I just had my phone repaired (LED and screen replacement). They did have to order the parts and it took 3 weeks to get the phone back but two of those were...