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    Whether your laptop is gone slow or not working at all, we are here to help. There is no reason to buy a new laptop when you can repair or upgrade your current system at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it new. The following are some of the most common Laptop Repair services we provide to help you to save money. The list of brands where we offer s for include Apple, Asus, , , Acer, Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi and many more.

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    • Is Your Internet Or Email Connection Down Or Slow?

      Are you having problems with the internet or no emails arriving? You start the browser and nothing appears on the screen?
      Maybe there is a problem with your connection, involving either software, hardware or a combination of both. If that’s the case you can rely on Electronic Partners to have it diagnosed and repaired to have you back online in no time!

      We can repair and service all makes and models, so

      - if a laptop screen has cracked, our technicians can fix it!
      - if your monitor is not displaying anything our technicians can fix it!
      - if your hard drive is making noises or you are seeing a no signal on your screen our technicians can fix it!

      In fact, if there is anything you need in hardware or software please give us a call, at the very least we can guide on what or not to buy, even if you don’t buy from us!

      Wireless Networks At Home Or Bussiness

      These days, with more and more families having tablets, laptops and PC's there is a need to share information, wired or wireless.
      We can set-up your wired/wireless network in your home or company and make it very easy for you to have internet everywhere around the house.

      Malware, Spyware Or Detection And Removal

      Is your laptop running slower than usual or pop-ups with advertising appearing out of nowhere? You may be a victim of malware, spyware and or es which can cause lots of problems to your laptop. We can make sure that this does not happen, will give you a professional expert solution "EP " and repair this very common problem.

      Are You Seeing Strange Messages Or ?

      Does your laptop freeze in the middle of typing an email or letter?

      Does it produce some cryptic message on the screen, indicating an error has taken place?

      Do you get a black or when trying to start up your laptop?

      Chances are you have either a hardware or software issue causing this. Our technicians can fix this and bring it back to life sooner than you think!

      and Laptop Diagnostic

      We are highly skilled at servicing, diagnosing and repairing every brand of laptop. From a simple over hinge repairs to major motherboard repairs, we do it all!

      Did You Lost Your Important Data?

      is the best method to obtain lost data after following actions.

      1 – Deleting any folder.
      2 – Crashing of software
      3 – Data loss due to power failure
      4 – Loss of data due to es

      We do for all forms of storage media such as internal or external hard disk drives, USB flash drives and Memory Cards. Hard Drive which involves removing the hard drive from a laptop and having it examined by experts, who will recommend the best strategy to recover the missing data!

      We also handle all types of mechanical/electrical failure including chip transplants from USB/Memory cards to facilitate the recovery of your precious data.

    Our Hard And Software UK Include

      • Local if laptop not turning on
      • LCD screen is very dim / dark
      • Display only visible on external monitor
      • Cracked LCD screen or touch screen repair
      • / inverter problems
      • Graphics card problem / distorted display
      • Laptop motherboard malfunction / failure
      • Overheating laptop
      • Keyboard replacement or repair
      • Laptop power supply replacement
      • LED and CCFL bulb replacement
      • Laptop optical drive upgrade or replacement
      • USB port repairs
      • AC / DC power jack
      • Liquid spill (cola,water,coffee,tea,wine)
      • Internal dust and particle cleaning
      • Component level motherboard repairs UK

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    Electronic Partners
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    Electronic Partners
    Ken James
    5 out of 5 stars
    Have to say when my Beats headphones stopped working on one side I tried to get this resolved via Beats, no help at all they just try to sell you another...
    Electronic Partners
    Helen Cordwell
    5 out of 5 stars
    The service is first rate. It starts from providing an estimate for the repair through to providing labels to advising when the item has been received. I was...
    Electronic Partners
    Francis Wells
    5 out of 5 stars
    I just had my phone repaired (LED and ). They did have to order the parts and it took 3 weeks to get the phone back but two of those were...
    Electronic Partners
    Ron McCormack
    5 out of 5 stars
    First rate and very professional experience. Tablet was repaired in good time and at a very reasonable cost. Can't fault anything. Well done guys. (Iv'e...
    Electronic Partners
    Marion Hardie
    5 out of 5 stars
    To say that we are over the moon with this company is an understatement. They repaired an old Bose CD player that we had really given up on and even Bose...

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