• How to set-up an Alexa smart home

    A few years ago, the coordinated smart home felt like a pipe dream, but Alexa has changed all that. Thanks to increasing compatibility with smart home devices, Alexa and the Amazon Echo is now the ideal hub of your connected home. Where previously it was a disparate mix of devices and brands, the Amazon Echo […]

  • [Update: Press renders leak] Samsung Galaxy Note10 rumor roundup: Release date, pricing, features, and more

    Update 1: 2019/06/29 12:50pm PDT Update 2: 2019/07/02 6:23am PDT Update 3: 2019/07/11 6:38am PDT The Galaxy Note10 is fast approaching, and we’ve got a roundup and breakdown of various rumors about important, core aspects of the phone’s upcoming launch and features. Check out our QA style guide below to learn all the latest about Samsung’s new Note […]

  • Mobvoi launches a revamped version of the TicWatch Pro with 4G/LTE

    Wear OS smartwatches are seen as sub-par compared to the competition, mainly because most of them still use outdated processors or lack key features. With the TicWatch Pro, Mobvoi managed to design one of the most attractive intelligent timepieces powered by Google’s OS on the market. However, despite its good selling points, the product lacked […]

  • Nest kills its Wear OS app in latest update

    Developers have shown general disinterest in creating apps for Wear OS, but you’d expect Google to at least make an effort. Well, the Nest division is dropping all pretense of caring about wearables. The Wear OS (and Apple Watch) components are dead in the latest version of the Nest app. The Wear OS module of […]

  • Google Pixel 3 review: Small yet mighty

    For Android purists, nothing quite hits the spot like a Google Pixel phone. In years previous to the first generation, the itch was scratched by partnering with other manufacturers on the Nexus line, but in 2016, Google took it in-house. The first Pixel earned rave reviews for its no-nonsense performance, great build and camera. The […]

  • Chrome OS 75 rolling out again, but just for the Pixel Slate

    The seemingly delayed Chrome OS 75 update finally landed two weeks ago, but last week that rollout was suspended, potentially in the wake of issues like crashes/freezes and Android apps losing internet connectivity. Today Chrome Unboxed reports that the update is rolling out again, but only for the Pixel Slate. Google’s Chrome OS update dashboard […]

  • Google Assistant for TVs now speaks Italian and Japanese

    Google Assistant isn’t only available on Android TV, but also on select television sets with other operating systems. For example, it’s quite capable on recent LG devices. However, in contrast to the Assistant on phones and smart home gadgets, language support is relatively limited on TVs. That’s why it’s nice to see that Google has […]