• Cowboy Bebop live-action TV show: Everything you need to know

    The classic 1990s anime Cowboy Bebop is being given a live-action remake by Netflix. We gather up all that’s known so far about the new version to see how Spike, Jet, Faye and the rest of the crew of the Bebop will look when the show arrives. 3…2…1…Let’s jam! When is the release date for […]

  • DJI Mavic 3 rumours: release date, price, specs

    2020 was supposed to be a big year for DJI, with several new drones slated to launch. What actually happened was we got a second-gen Mavic Air but not the expected the third-gen Mavic Pro. Then, the company launched an update of the Mavic Air 2, called the Air 2S, in the spring of 2021 […]

  • Wear OS 3: Everything you need to know

    In the smartwatch space, Apple and Samsung have long battled over pole position, with their signature wearables running on watchOS and Tizen, respectively. 2021, however, marks a notable shift, with Samsung teaming up with Google to rework the latter’s long-standing but often maligned wearable operating system and in the process, embracing it as its own. […]

  • Where to buy the Xiaomi Pad 5 in the UK

    Xiaomi’s latest Pad 5 Series include the Mi Pad 5, Mi Pad 5 Pro (Wi-Fi), and Mi Pad 5 Pro (5G) – three affordable but powerful tablets designed to rival the premium slates of Apple and Samsung with specs such as 120Hz displays, stylus and keyboard support, 8K mAh batteries, and the Snapdragon 870 processor. […]

  • Where to buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 in the UK & US

    Microsoft launched a major upgrade to its Surface Pro line at its 22 September event in the Surface Pro 8. The Surface Pro 8 offers a variety of impressive upgrades including a larger 13in display with a 120Hz refresh rate and narrower bezels, a 16-hour battery life, new 11th-gen Intel Core i5-1135G7, and Core i7-1185G7 […]

  • Microsoft launches Surface Go 3: All you need to know

    The Surface Go is Microsoft’s affordable Windows 2-in-1. It’s one of the smallest and lightest devices running a full version of Windows, making it great for on-the-go productivity.  In our full review, we praised the Go 2’s screen and webcam but were frustrated by the Intel Pentium Gold’s performance on the model we tested. Now […]

  • Portal Go: Everything you need to know about the portable Portal

    Facebook has revealed two new additions to the Portal family; the updated Portal Plus with a huge 14in display, and the portable Portal Go. Measuring in at 10in and boasting an integrated battery and dedicated carry handle to make it easier to take video chats from one room to the other, it’s a handy addition […]

  • OnePlus Buds Pro review

    OnePlus may be a phone company first and foremost, but for the last few years the company has been building a surprisingly strong line of audio gear – and the high-end OnePlus Buds Pro are no exception. It helps that these do what the best OnePlus products do: deliver specs and features comparable to flagships […]

  • How to get a discount on HBO Max

    HBO Max is out now in the US, bringing with it around 10,000 hours worth of TV shows and films to suit everyone. There are popular classics such as all ten seasons of Friends and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, as well as exciting new exclusives in the future such as all the new […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S22: Everything you need to know

    Samsung’s hugely popular Galaxy S range of smartphones are undoubtedly the closest rival to Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone, and the S22 series is the next set of phones to arrive, expected in early 2022. With sales slowly declining for the S-series flagships, the S22 line has a lot riding on it, and Samsung should be pulling […]

  • How to stop the wrong Amazon Echo responding when you say Alexa

    If you’ve got multiple Echo speakers and maybe Echo Show smart displays around your home – plus any other devices that have Alexa built in – you can play music, set timers and turn smart devices on and off in almost every room. Since you’re reading this, though, you’ll know there’s a problem. It’s a […]

  • Honor’s MagicBook V 14 is the first confirmed Windows 11 laptop

    Honor’s upcoming MagicBook V 14 is the first laptop confirmed to run Windows 11 out of the box. The company revealed the news while announcing a strategic partnership with Microsoft, although none of the device’s specs were revealed.  Judging by the name, the MagicBook V 14 will be the first entry in a new ‘V’ Series of Honor laptops. It will presumably have a […]