• LG releases V40 and G8 Pie kernel source

    LG’s update performance as of late has been less than stellar. Despite the formation of a “Software Upgrade Center” several years back, the company is still slow to get new versions of Android out the door. The V40 is still waiting on that Pie update, but it shouldn’t be long now. LG has released the […]

  • YouTube kills plans for two premium original shows, will move away from paid show model

    One of the major perks of paying for YouTube has been access  to its original content. Programs like Cobra Kai or Unicorn Island have brought existing YouTube personalities to the fore in new and interesting ways. That may be changing, though, as YouTube is reportedly axing its high-end original programming. According to unnamed sources, YouTube […]

  • Samsung rolls out Pie to the Note FE (AKA, the non-explosive Note 7)

    Samsung launched the Note 7 in 2016, but the phone was on sale for less than two months before repeated issues with battery fires resulted in its cancelation. The phone came back in 2017 as the Note FE (Fan Edition) in select markets. Even though Samsung would probably prefer to forget this whole incident ever […]

  • Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is the best solution for European-style locks

    I have tested dozens of smart home products in my time here on Android Police, yet few of them have been as reliable and as effortless to use as Nuki. This smart lock that I reviewed back in December of 2017 has stayed on our door, offering us quick access to our house without any […]

  • [Update: It’s back] Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier is now $200 on Amazon

    Update 1: 2019/03/23 9:56pm PDT Update 2: 2019/03/24 9:11am PDT If you want a smartwatch, and Google’s Wear OS isn’t appealing to you, Samsung’s Tizen watches are the next-best thing you can use with Android phones. The Gear S3 is one of the company’s older watches, as it came out in late 2016, but it’s still supported […]

  • Apple Arcade is a games subscription service for mobile and Mac

    Apple has announced Apple Arcade, a subscription games service that offers more than 100 new and exclusive games for a single monthly fee. The collection of games will be available across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV and won’t appear on any other platform. They are all you can play, with no additional purchases, and […]

  • Google Fit brings back elevation levels for workouts and sleep tracking data from third-party apps [APK Download]

    Google Fit is an excellent service for tracking your health goals and gathering data from various fitness apps on your Android device. After its big redesign last summer and the re-addition of the widget it lost during that transition, the app now receives even more formerly available features: the latest update to version 2.10.36 includes elevation […]

  • [Update: Now in Beta] Chrome Canary now has a (buggy) dark mode

    Update 1: 2019/03/12 9:18am PDT Update 2: 2019/03/23 10:21am PDT Google is still in the process of adding a dark mode to all of its applications, in preparation for Android Q’s system-wide dark mode toggle. Chrome is one of the few remaining holdouts, but not for much longer. A dark mode toggle has been added to the […]

  • Archos announces giant 21-inch tablet for tabletop gaming

    Gigantic tablets are rare in the Android world, but there have been a few — Samsung’s 18.4-inch Galaxy View comes to mind. If you want a tablet the average size of a desktop computer monitor, Archos has you covered with its new ‘Play Tab.’ The Play Tab will have a 21.5-inch “full HD” display, an […]