• Chrome 77 broke printing for Google Calendar, but there’s a workaround

    Chrome 77 started rolling out a few days ago, and it has plenty of improvements — a feature for sending links to other devices, a contact picker for web apps, a faster Lite Mode, and more. However, it also introduced one (admittedly minor) bug: printing might not work from Google Calendar. A new Google support […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Active gets Android 9 Pie on T-Mobile

    Samsung devices haven’t historically been the quickest to receive OS updates. This week, Android 9 Pie came to the T-Mobile variant of the extra-durable Galaxy S8 Active, nearly a year and a half after the Oreo update. The update, which has baseband version number G892USQU5CSG7, comes with all the normal Pie improvements, like optional two-button […]

  • The 5 best and worst things about the Samsung Galaxy Note10

    You know what you’re getting with each new Galaxy Note release: a big honkin’ display, great build, great performance, and of course, the S Pen. Those things are all still true of the Note10 and 10+ — but frankly, it’s getting a little predictable at this point. Here are the five best and worst things […]

  • Google’s Project Jacquard is still alive, more smart clothing coming soon

    Google first revealed Project Jacquard in 2015 as a platform for interactive clothing, and the first retail product using it — the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket — arrived in 2017. You could hover your hand over the jacket’s arm to skip music, accept/dismiss calls, and so on. The jacket isn’t sold anymore, but Google isn’t […]

  • PopSockets now makes grips for your soda and coffee, but why?

    PopSockets, the maker of the popular eponymous smartphone grips, has launched a new product: PopThirst Cup Sleeves. Upcoming phones: The future smartphones of 2019 They’re exactly what you think they are: Popsocket-equipped sleeves, for your mug. They should fit most “coffee cups, pint glasses, and various beverage cups”, according to PopSockets, which shared promo materials of the […]

  • ‘Automatic Dark Theme’ lets you schedule dark and light mode on Android 10

    Google offers a system-wide, easily accessible dark theme in Android 10 and more and more apps are receiving updates to support it. However, there is no native schedule option to switch between light and dark mode automatically. Due to Android’s open nature, though, one developer was quick to introduce an app called Automatic Dark Theme […]

  • The Motorola One Action gives the Moto G a run for its money

    Motorola once held a practically unchallenged position at the top of the budget smartphone food chain, but increasingly capable competition from the likes of Nokia and a host of Chinese brands has changed the landscape in recent years. The now Lenovo-owned company has also lost its value proposition edge, with the Moto G7 not able […]

  • Apple iPhone 8 review: Still a powerful choice

    With the advent of last year’s iPhone XS and XR as well as the iPhone 11, it’s easy to overlook the iPhone 8 and larger-scale iPhone 8 Plus. But that’s a mistake – the Touch ID and home button-based iPhone 8 line up still has so much to offer and that’s why it still remains on sale despite […]