• The best free and cheap photo editing software for 2021

    Like most software, you can get a perfectly good photo editor for free. Many will fix up your pictures with just a couple of clicks or taps, but if you want Photoshop-style control so you’re not adjusting the entire image, there are still options from old-school classics such as GIMP and Paint.NET to online apps […]

  • Get up to £370 off the Surface Pro 7 at Amazon right now

    New Surface hardware is expected to be announced on 22 September, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find this sort of value on any of Microsoft’s next-gen devices. The Surface Pro 7 – still the company’s latest flagship 2-in-1 – is now available for as little as £639 at Amazon. That’s among the lowest prices it’s […]

  • Logitech reveals budget- and eco-friendly wireless gaming headset

    Logitech has revealed the Logitech G435 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset, the latest in a long line of gaming headsets from the peripheral maker – but even with such a large portfolio of products, the G435 represents a couple of firsts for the company. Not only is it the cheapest wireless gaming headset produced by Logitech […]

  • How to watch the US Open 2021

    We thought this year’s Wimbledon was exciting, but the US Open has really showed it up – culminating in a pair of finals that will see two teens go head-to-head in Saturday’s women’s final, and could see Djokovic achieve a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam while ticking off the calendar Grand Slam to boot. It’s been […]

  • How does roaming work on Three?

    Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean sky-high roaming charges when using your phone for calls and data. Even with Three revoking its Go Roam policy – which let travellers use their plans in select countries as normal, with no extra cost – there are still ways to enjoy the benefits of the feature, once […]

  • WhatsApp backups are getting end-to-end encryption

    This means that messages are end-to-end encrypted no matter whether they’re being sent, received, stored locally or in the cloud. Mark Zuckerberg announced the milestone on his Facebook page, saying “We’re adding another layer of privacy and security to WhatsApp: an end-to-end encryption option for the backups people choose to store in Google Drive or […]

  • R;pple is a new browser extension to help prevent suicide

    R;pple does not block users from harmful content if they still wish to view it – each pop-up still includes the option to ‘Continue to search results’. Instead, it provides “a message of hope and encouragement that things will get better”. Founder Alice Hendy is all too familiar with the devastating effects of suicide. Her […]

  • Best UK Budget Phone Deals for September 2021

    There’s never been a better time to buy a low-cost smartphone. With flagship phone sales levelling out, manufacturers have put more effort than ever into making truly competitive low-cost phones that pull in premium features without the high price tag. As such, we’ve collated a list of some of the best phones money can buy right […]

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2: All you need to know

    The first-gen Laptop Go was generally well received, ticking a lot of boxes for a more affordable laptop. However, the more expensive models struggle to compete with similarly-priced competition.  Here’s everything you need to know about its successor, which we assume will be called the Surface Laptop Go 2. When will the second-gen Surface Laptop […]

  • Apple iPad Pro 11in (2021) Review

    As with many Apple devices, the key question about the smaller of the new iPad Pro range isn’t ‘is it any good’, it’s ‘who’s it for’? It’s not the iPad for most iPad buyers – that’s arguably the iPad Air – nor is it the money’s-no-object, ultimate powerhouse of its 12.9-inch sister. Instead, the 11-inch […]

  • Best kids headphones 2021

    Choosing the best headphones for your children is important because using the wrong ones could cause life-long damage to their hearing. Headphones for kids are essential tech kit for parents as (1) none of us want to hear Spongebob for more than ten minutes or be subjected to either blam-blam action gaming or the high-pitched whine of […]

  • Realme 8 5G review

    Just as with 2020’s Realme 7 Series, the 5G-capable entry of this year’s Realme 8 line made its debut a little while after its siblings. But was it worth the wait? Despite the promise of super-fast 5G connectivity, at first glance the Realme 8 5G looks to be the most modest entry in the lineup; […]