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    We can fix most headphone makes and models this includes, Beats, Sennheiser, AKG, Bose, Frends, Klipsch and as well as many others with faults and problems such as broken jack, no sound in one ear, broken headband or complete wire replacement. Broken casings, e.g. if you’ve dropped your headphone. In fact, over the past few years, we’ve processed more than 40000 headphone repairs UK wide!

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    • Can you fix my broken headphone jack?

      Yes, we can, and we use only the best high-end solder to fit all our headphone jacks.

      Some jacks are made of nickel, and some other jacks are Gold plated. People say there is as little as 0.1% difference in Gold’s favour, whereas some say the Gold sounds warmer as the silver sounds colder. It all boils down to a matter of preference.

      We mostly fit 3 (TRS) and 4 (TRRS) pole jacks.

      The 3 pole is for all headphones and earphones without a remote/mic attached, and the 4 pole is used with all headphones and earphones with a remote or mic attached to them. The 3 pole will work with headphones and earphones with a remote/mic attached, but you will lose all functionality of the remote/mic.

      The 4 pole, however, can be fitted regardless. Most of these jacks come with strain relief protection. You will see in the photos and the shop descriptions more details on the item/s you are interested in.

      We regret to inform you that we can not provide a warranty on the jack replacement service to customers who choose to use their jacks for us to fit for them, but we do repair them.

      Furthermore, we can ensure the full functionality of the remote controls after the jack repair.

      Can the remote with microphone be replaced or removed?

      Yes, we do offer a Remote and Mic Repair, Replacement or Removal Service which holds some excellent benefits for your head or earphones.

      We look for the best possible option for you regarding this service. It might benefits you removing the remote/mic completely, having it repaired or even replaced with another.

      The removal service requires us to remove the remote/mic and then patch up the cable/wiring.

      Our replacement service requires us to remove the existing remote/mic currently attached and replace it with a suitable alternative. The remote/mic is then re-attached to the cabling and finished off with cable tubing. The Remote/Mic Repair involves opening up the remote and repairing it, re-soldering it, then re-patching it.

      We only use the best materials for patching, and in turn, use the western union splice to ensure maximum strength. To perform the process can be very tricky, as earphone and headphone wires are fragile, making it complicated. However, we have proven to succeed in this technique, which we are proud of, and we chose to continue with our methods.

      Can my broken headphone cable be replaced or fixed?

      Yes, and our cable repair service is designed for earphones and headphones that have serious wire exposure problems.

      We have seen earphones come through the door, which looks like a dog has chewed them. All sorts believe it, and you name it, we have seen it.

      We stick by using the western union splice for this service, and the finest silver solder from Viablue and patching materials to get your headgear cables/wires enclosed in a casing. Wire exposure means interference, which means when it comes to music quality, interference can have a serious effect on your listening pleasure. In simplicity, the better the cable/wires you have, the clearer the sound quality will be.

      Insulation is key. Cut wires/cables are tied with the western union splice and re-soldered. They are then doubled up with the best tubing so that all wires are again insulated and free from interference. If you are not happy with protecting the wires with tubes, we can replace the cable/wiring completely.

      We use a quality insulated cable which is used by manufacturers such as Bose, Sennheiser and Philips. Also under this section, we are going to mention our Headband Wire Replacement and other headphone repair services.

      We repair wiring damage, replace cables entirely, and we also recoat wires.

      Do you offer a cable strengthening service?

      Of course, we do, and with our cable/wire strengthening service, you get two services into one.

      We strengthen the cable/wire with tubing, and then we do the same again over the tubing to increase the strength of the weak spot. We target the areas that are vulnerable and prone to either twist, wear, break or tire.

      Our service will give you peace of mind that your earphones/headphones are protected from any problems which could arise in the future. The service proves to be more popular to studio workers, or DJ’s who rely on their equipment to be functional daily with widespread usage, suffering abuse such as pulling and plugging in connectors.

      This service is also for Jacks as the Jacks suffer the most from abuse, this is why they are damaged so frequently, and we receive more request for jack fix that other services.

      If you choose our headphone repair service, we can safely say that your Jack can withstand at least four times longer with tubing and our secret formula applied.

      Can you replace the battery in my Bluetooth headset?

      With your Bluetooth headphones continuously running, it is always a good idea to check out your device’s battery life. Chances are, with time and usage, a headphone battery starts to drain quicker.

      At times people think keeping the device plugged in all the time or recharging it more often is a solution, but it can damage your device or create more issues.

      If you feel that the battery is not performing up to standard, it is a good idea to take your Beats by Dre or Bose headphone repair to professional experts. Often you have to replace the battery, or you may find that the device is not charging correctly.

      Therefore it’s always more helpful to get the problem diagnosed before trying to fix it yourself or get a headphone battery replacement/battery headphone repair.

      How can I get my headband repaired?

      Electronic Partners – Headphone Repairs UK is a professional company willing to assist and provide solutions to any customer who may have headphone concerns.

      As per many requests we decided to repair headbands and other parts of your headgear like broken beats ear hooks. There is too much to list here, and there is always a new issue which arises. We have a unique formula which repairs headbands and other parts, but unfortunately, we are unable to reveal our secrets.

      Rest assured they will not break again.

      Do you offer a headphone repair near me?

      Yes, our service is nationwide.

      Request a repair, and we will provide you with a free prepaid post label for a local drop-off point.

      Headphones are fragile and powerful devices. While you may want to do a DIY project out of fixing your headphone, it is probably a better idea to let professional headphone repairs services handle your device. They are equipped with the tools and experience needed in repairing high-powered and technical devices such as headphones. Avoiding any further damage should always be your priority when dealing with Headphone Repairs.

      We are highly skilled at diagnosing and repairing every brand of headphone.

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    What Does Your Headphone Repair UK Include?

      • Headphone Jack Repair
      • Earphone Cleaning Service
      • Remote Microphone Repairs
      • Remote Microphone Replacement
      • Cable and Wire Repair Service
      • Headband Repairs
      • Power Socket Repairs
      • Headphone Battery Replacement
      • Earpiece Repairs
      • Headphone Remote Repairs
      • Cable Strengthening Service
      • Bluetooth Speaker Repairs
      • Beats Pill Connector Repairs
      • Micro USB Port Repairs

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    Customer Reviews

    • Avatar KEVIN Lewis ★★★★★ a week ago
      I needed an old Cd unit repaired and found them online. From dropping it off at their unit in Hortonwood, I was kept up to … read more date with the whole process throughout, and collected it just over a week later; repaired.
      Very impressed with them, would recommend and use again. Thank you.
    • Avatar andrew chalkley ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
      I used Electronic Partners to look at a Component level repair to a complex, high end but a little older, Pioneer AVR with … read more a faulty Sub Woofer output with good expectation setting and at an acceptable cost.
      I approached the repair with mixed expectations having sent complex AV equipment to similar repair companies over the years with not so much success and a lot of cost and effort.
      However Electronic Partners proved a refreshing change. The incurred costs were well notified, concerns were answered and discussed properly and the repair was 100% effective ... and quickly as well.
      I would not hesitate to recommend Electronic Partners and will certainly be using them in future as my first option. Impressive stuff.
    • Avatar Oscar Hayward ★★★★★ a month ago
      Sent in a Devialet Phantom I which had decided to stop turning on. Sent in as a standard repair not priority so expected … read more it to be gone a fair amount of time. Upon arriving at their place, it was photographed and booked in and I could view every update in the customer portal which was brilliant. After a while they needed to do some more deep dive diagnosis so paid a couple hours labour so they could get to the root cause. Took them a few more days and some parts ordered over a weekend to get a final diagnosis of a chip on the power supply board being fried! After I confirmed the go ahead to get it done, it was done within a day and sent back to me the next with 48hr delivery. For a repair that Devialet would’ve charged £550 for, they completed for £200. I’m so happy to have it back without a huge repair bill, I can listen to music on the beast again! Thank you to all at Electronic Partners in Telford you really do know what you’re doing. It may take longer than your hughstreet computer repair shop but these guys are so so much better. I had the speaker in 3 different local ones and none were able to repair.