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We are UK’s leading Electronic and Hi-Fi Repair Centre.

Yes, we are one of few Audio Hi-Fi service centres in the UK offering Amplifier Recap Service. Our workshop experts service and fix electronic at component level making it possible to recap an amplifier. At our central service centre in the heart of England UK we repair audio equipment since over 20 years.

Benefits of recapping an amplifier and which brands do you fix?

  • Apart from failing amplifiers which need parts replaced (capacitors) the sound quality of integrated amplifier will improve. Some CD players also cant read any cd because of failing audio capacitors.

    We repair all kind out of warranty Audio Hi-fi Equipment and to name a few

    Yamaha, JVC, TEAC, Roksan, Arcam, NAD, Rega, Quad, Musical Fidelity, Linn, Denon, Kenwood, Panasonic, Technics, Luxman, Audio Analogue, Krell, Chord, Akai, Pioneer, Hitachi, Sony, Marantz

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  • What is recapping of an amplifier?

    In amplifier and receiver circuits, electrolytic capacitors (“caps”) serve a number of important functions. Among them is eliminating hum. As capacitors age, the electrolytic compound in them decays.

    The amp and power supply sections of a typical receiver contain on average between 40 and 50 electrolytic caps. There are some receivers that have over 100 individual capacitors. A dedicated amplifier typically has fewer capacitors.

    In both channels, the performance degraded, causing hum, sporadic noises, and eventually, a complete failure. Damage to irreplaceable components can also occur in some cases.

    Electrolytic capacitors are large black or blue cylinders. The physical evidence of a failed capacitor may be visible in some cases. Often, there is no visible indication that a system is failing or degrading.

    Non polar capacitors are also replaced in older electronics, primarily vacuum tube amplifiers. Depending on the composition, some types degrade over time while others are known for long-term reliability and high quality. These capacitors are left in place.

    Although it is possible to isolate the failing capacitors in a circuit, it is a lot of work, and is the beginning of a never-ending cycle of replacing them one by one. Our view is that it is a fool’s errand.

    Is recapping a vintage amplifier worth doing?

    That depend on the repair servicing and repair costs. Most power amplifiers and power supplys are easy to fix and the costs are relative low. It also depend on the brand as some 40 years old vintage amp repairs need higher quality electrolytic caps (electrolytic capacitors). But don’t worry we are here to help with any vincent amplifier recap service or recapping naim amplifiers.

    How much does recapping cost?

    We offer a free estimate online, if possible, based on the information you have provided. Please note that this is an estimation only. It is possible that the cost to repair the unit is higher than the estimated price (for example, if the information provided was inaccurate or if your product has other faults). On these occasions, you will be contacted via email or phone to authorise a new repair quotation.

    If we can not give a free estimate and request the device for diagnostic, we will provide an exact quote once received and diagnosed.

    Despite the reasonable cost of repairs, we cannot work for free.

    Our minimum charge for Audio Hi-fi Equipment is £30. However, If no fault is found, we will return the Equipment to you as is and a service charge of £8.10 plus shipping applies.

  • amplifier recap service near me

    Customer Reviews

    • Avatar Wassim Demnati ★★★★★ in the last week
      Sony headphones hinge broke and it was an absolute mission trying to find a place to repair it.
      Found this company and it
      … read more was pretty easy and speedy to get the process rolling which eventually led to them being shipped back to me in one piece (they even throw in a 3 month warranty for free!).
      Their self-service portal is also decent to: make the payment, quick delivery changes and to track the order, so I'll definitely be keeping an account with them if I need anything fixed.
    • Avatar Victoria Talbot ★★★★★ in the last week
      Excellent service from the guys at Electronic Partners in Hortonwood! Breathed life into my dead sewing machine by repairing … read more the power supply board, thus saving me from having to buy a new machine. They repaired what others couldn't and I couldn't be more delighted.