OnePlus Nord CE 2, Realme 9 Pro+ & Galaxy S22+ reviews | Fast Charge 102

As we teased last time, this has been a busy launch week for phone lovers.

Today saw OnePlus reveal the Nord CE 2, which is either a sequel to the Nord CE or a cheaper version of the Nord 2, depending on how you look at it. Dom has the lowdown on a phone he was meant to have reviewed by now, if a pesky flu hadn’t had something to say about it.

Fortunately Hannah has managed to review the Realme 9 Pro+, the top tier entry in the new Realme 9 range. It borrows the colour-changing design from the Vivo V23 series, and packs in solid specs that will rival almost any other phone around this price.

Meanwhile Toddy has been hard at work on another Plus phone, though right at the other end of the price spectrum. He’s been testing out the Galaxy S22+ all week, and is ready with our first review of Samsung‘s new product range.

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