• Instagram adds online status indicator for chat

    Instagram, like any self-respecting social network, has its own integrated chat feature. How do you know who you can chat with, though? The mystery will be solved as soon as the latest feature rolls out: online indicators. It's revolutionary. You'll have to pardon the iOS screenshots, but the feature should look the same on Android. […]

  • Google's goofy Move Mirror AI Experiment matches your poses to photos

    Google's AI Experiments are fun ways for the company to show off its advances in machine learning while also collecting additional data to further its research. It's got a new one out today: Move Mirror watches you move through your computer's webcam (with permission, that is) and uses AI trickery to match your pose against […]

  • The Nokia 6.1 Plus is the China-exclusive X6 with Android One

    Nokia climbed aboard the screen notch bandwagon a few months back with the X6, a China-exclusive phone with a 5.8-inch display and a chin. Now, that same piece of hardware is launching in a few more markets as the Nokia 6.1 Plus. It has the same specs and design, but this is an Android One […]

  • Google announces Android Dev Summit on November 7-8 in Mountain View

    Google I/O was just a few months back, but Google has another developer-focused event coming up later this year. The Android Dev Summit will be a smaller event that eschews the flashy demos and giveaways that attract non-devs to I/O. It's happening at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on November 7-8. At the […]

  • Google Voice v2018.28 moves nav bar to the bottom [APK Download]

    More and more Android apps have been switching to bottom nav bars lately. They might not look as nice, but nav bars on the top are just too hard to reach. Google Voice, which returned from the dead last year, is the latest app to join this club, and we've got the APK.   left: Old. right: New. […]

  • [Deal Alert] YI 1080p home camera down to all-time low of $30.99 on Amazon

    Gone are the days of having to pay $150+ for a home security camera; these days, there are a few more cost-effective options on the market. YI has always had great prices, but this latest $30.99 deal on the company's 1080p home camera brings it to another level. This is effectively half off the $59.99 […]

  • Hangouts Chat desktop interface gets Material Design refresh

    At Google I/O earlier this year, the company officially introduced refreshed Material Design guidelines along with new theming tools. This was consistent with new visual elements that had already been creeping into Google products like the new Gmail, with Chrome soon to be extensively reworked, too. Hangouts Chat is G Suite's answer to Slack, and it's […]

  • Corning Gorilla Glass DX and Gorilla Glass DX+ want to make your next smartwatch tougher

    Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) today announced two additions to its portfolio of cover glass innovations – Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX and Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX+. Both of these new glass composites feature an antireflective property that vastly improves optical clarity and superior scratch resistance scaled to consumer needs, while maintaining the legendary toughness and touch sensitivity of Gorilla Glass. These revolutionary new […]

  • [Deal Alert] Prime Exclusive Moto X4 on sale for $199 ($150 off)

    We've seen a few phone sales pop up over the last day, but here's another eye-turner for your consideration. Amazon is offering the Prime Exclusive Moto X4 for just $199, a nice $150 off the original asking price (or $200 off the MSRP of the regular Moto X4, if you're counting).  For your $199, you […]